Just for you Pure ingredients Made with love

London's Hair Consultation Service

Vegan Curls in London specialises in natural hair consultation and pure cosmetics made from fresh natural ingredients, delivered direct to your door.


Ingredients to suit you

Our goal is together we will develop the perfect regime and blend of natural remedies to bring out the beauty in your hair.

Detail your challenges

We want to know everything about your hair. From the density, porosity, texture, length, is it chemically treated or coloured. Understanding where you are on your hair journey forms the basis of our recommendation.

Made with 100% love

Nothing but love and pure natural goodness goes into our products. Tailormade and personalised for you. Our products are not tested on animals and contains only mother natures Vegan grown produce.


No additives. No Chemicals.

Afro Hair in London. We believe Vegan Curls is the best treatment for all hair types, but we're proud to specialise our range to benefit curly afro hairstyles. Our range is made from fresh organic produce, blended specifically for sensitive scalps and to promote natural hair growth. We do not add any chemicals or man made ingredients to our products. Your product will be made 72 hours after your order and dispatched to your door in our specialised packaging.