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Handmade fresh vegan products. Ideal for everyone

Vegan Curls in London specialises in natural hair care products made from fresh produce, delivered to your door. We consult with you on your hair journey, your goals and your unique hair characteristics. We create a personalised blend of natural products unique to you, using fresh ingredients with the aim of boosting natural curls, growth and natural shine. 

Afro Hair in London
We believe Vegan Curls is the best treatment for all hair types, but we're proud to specialise our range to benefit curly afro hairstyles.


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Want to wear a wash and go without tangles or frizz?

Do you want your natural curls popping without any harsh treatments? 

Or wear your hair straight with a healthy shine? Start your Vegan Curls haircare journey today. 


Vegan only. No additives. No chemicals

Our range is made from fresh organic produce, blended specifically for sensitive scalps and to promote natural hair growth. We do not add any chemicals or man made ingredients to our products. Your product will be made 24 hours after your order and dispatched to your door in our specialised packaging.

Vegan Curls Products

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Ayurvedic range. For Ladies and Gentlemen


The marma points are massaged gently during the Ayurvedic head massage, for healthy hair and to induce relaxation. Massaging your scalp and hair with warm oil is the best way to nourish scalp and hair topically. Apart from working wonders for your hair, it helps in relaxing the mind and nervous system. 

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