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Natural Curls

Create your hair goals

Just for you

Our goal is together we will develop the perfect regime and blend of natural remedies to bring out the beauty in your natural curls. We pride ourselves on getting to know your hair and taking you on a naturally vegan hair journey. We will not send you an generic product. This bundle is formulated for just you. We will keep in touch every month to make sure we're helping you achieve your goals. We will formulate different products to suit you every step of the way.

Discover your natural curl pattern

How to rock a Wash and go like a boss

A sign of healthy hair is shrunken hair. The more coiled the texture, the higher the shrinkage. We give you guidance on how to manage our shrinkage while rocking a simple, stylish and seriously cute wash and go. This will keep your hair healthy, moisturised and protected. The perfect style for those who want to spend less time manipulating and styling their hair, and instead just allowing your natural curls to flourish.

Client Conversations

Simplify your regime

We recently had a consultation with a single father who enjoys spending time bonding with his 11 year old daughter, maintaining her natural hair but his daughter hair was suffering from dehydration which was making their bonding time difficult. Our client asked us to help him achieve the maximum healthy state for his daughters hair. He was also very interested in 100% natural hair products as research shows the ingredients in haircare products typically marketed for black hair can be very damaging. We really admire fathers that appreciate natural hair and pure ingredients as much as we do. Our range is 100% natural. We are proud that our products are prefect for hair, scalp and skin. We have created a hair tutorial package designed for kids so they too can enjoy feeling pampered and maintain their own natural hair.

From curls to an afro puff and back again

Switch it up

Vegan Curls products will transform your afro puff to bundles of defined curls.
After rocking your curls and protecting your ends for a while, one of the best thing is you can let your Afro puff free again and let your hair breathe. You’ll be amazed with the results as the volume of your hair will be thicker, your afro will be bigger, feel softer and healthier than ever! Once you go curly, you can bounce back to your healthy afro at anytime.

Client Conversations

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