The afro comb test

Vegan Curls Client Conversations

So one of our clients has decided to give her hair a rest from weaves and wear her natural hair out for a while. She was unsure of what afro comb to buy so she sent me 2 options and asked which one is suitable for hair 4b/4c hair.

Can you tell which it is?

Answer: Blue one. The black one will rip out your hair hun!

Look at the way the black comb becomes narrow towards the base. Now imagine your hair in all it’s curly, coily glory, becoming separated as you detangle and you pick it out. Then as you pass it through the length of your hair, your strands bunch up at the narrow base and you can actually hear it breaking as it fight to detangle. It’s simple really, if your hair starts making that crispy breaking sound, and is the afro comb is tucking on it, stop what your doing. Change your method of detangling immediately.

The blue one has rounded tips and equally distanced teeth that’s better for your detangling process as it prevents unnecessary breakage.

Be gentle with your hair when detangling and styling guys. Just because it looks strong and course doesn’t mean it is.