Why we’re obsessed with Ayurvedic recipes and methods right now

So here’s the real reason why we’re obsessed with Ayurvedic recipes and methods right now.

Vegan Curls was inspired by the weekly hair routine between co founders and mother and daughter, Marie (mum) and Kayla (daughter).

Even though Kayla is nearly 19, the mother and daughter bonding session, consisting of the detangling process, deep conditioning and trimming routine still takes place in front of the TV on a Sunday.

This is how Vegan Curls recipes and maintenance methods began and still continues. But a few months ago something happened that was quite unexpected.

Kayla began to work at Brigadiers. A fantastic Indian restaurant in the city that specialises in Indian Barbecue. After a few weeks of working as a waitress, her hair began to thrive, and by thrive we mean ridiculous amounts of new growth per month! After investigating what could be the cause of the new growth surge it became clear, the steam and potent herb aroma from the kitchen, combined with the Vegan Curls Oil Moisture Mist ingredients sprayed daily in Kayla’s hair, together these elements was speeding up the new growth phase and creating even more thickness. So, we started exploring and blending and testing Indian hair care methods.

Our Ayurvedic range works beautifully together with Vegan Curls products. 100% natural, pure and plant based. In addition to our exotic tea range, we think this is a perfect blend.

What is the Ayurvedic approach to hair care?
In Ayurveda, hair is considered to be a by‐product of bone formation. There are three Ayurvedic hair types – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata hair tends to be thin, dry, frizzy and prone to split ends. Pitta hair is fine and prone to premature thinning or graying. Kapha hair is usually very thick and oily.

For specific treatment of the hair, a variety of herbs are used in cleansing, conditioning and hair coloring. Ayurvedic approach is combined with regular scalp massages, done with specially formulated infused oils. Oils can be used daily, as well as overnight deeper conditioning.

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